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FAQ on Plagiarism: Why You Need a Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Students, bloggers and anyone else who writes has to be on the lookout for plagiarism which is why using a free online plagiarism checker makes a lot of sense. The following are some answers to questions about plagiarism that can help you better understand why it’s important and what constitutes plagiarized content.

Q: Why does plagiarism matter?

A: Plagiarism is unethical as well as illegal. It is a form of cheating and is also stealing. Students who plagiarize are hurting themselves by depriving themselves of the chance to learn. In addition, students caught plagiarizing will face a range of punishments from having to rewrite a paper up to being expelled from school. Plagiarizing in some instances can result in having your degree revoked. Plagiarism is also a violation of copyright law and can result in legal action being taken against you which may include financial penalties.

Q: Is it possible to plagiarize yourself?

A: Yes, it is possible to plagiarize yourself, even if you were the author of the original content. Students who use papers or portions of papers that were previously submitted for another class are guilty of self-plagiarism. To reuse portions of a paper you wrote for another purpose, you must cite it just like you would any other source.

Q: What if I plagiarize without meaning to do so?

A: If you plagiarize without meaning to you are still guilty of plagiarism and could face the same punishments as somebody who deliberately copies another person’s work. If the amount of plagiarism in a paper is limited and can be demonstrated to be accidental, the penalty may be less severe but not necessarily.

Q: Does it matter how much is copied?

A: It doesn’t matter how much of a paper or other piece of writing was copied when it comes to determining plagiarism. That being said plagiarizing a sentence will probably be dealt with less harshly than if an entire document was copied. Still, copying a single sentence is plagiarism and if caught you will be subject to the consequences. 

Q: Can a teacher tell if my paper came from the internet? If so, how?

A: Yes, a teacher can usually tell if a paper was copied from the internet. One method is to take an unusual or long-phrase from the paper and Google it. Quite often teachers will perform a paper similarity check using content originality checker tools like Turnitin or Grammarly that scan billions of web pages looking for duplicate content.

Q: How can I check for plagiarized content online?

A: The best way to check for duplicate content in your paper online is to use a plagiarizing scanner like the one we offer. A tool like this performs a search of billions of web pages and millions of documents looking for instances of plagiarism, and points out originality test copyright violations and other plagiarism issues in your text.

Advantages of Our Plagiarism Finder Tool

Students and people who write have to be constantly aware of the threat of accidentally plagiarizing content in their work. Our anti plagiarism word changer tool is a great way to take care of any concerns you may have about plagiarism in your paper. Some of the advantages of using our essay plagiarism checker tool to find a similarity in text include:

free online plagiarism checker features
  • Huge pool to check your document against. Checking your paper against a handful of documents for plagiarism isn’t very effective. Our duplicate word remover can check your paper against billions of online web pages and documents stored in our database in order to spot any instance of plagiarism.
  • Multi-purpose. While performing a content similarity analysis our tool also identifies other types of problems in your text. These include detecting spelling mistakes and many types of grammatical errors such as run-on sentences, verb tense problems, sentence fragments and much more. It also examines the tone of your text and determines whether you are using active or passive voice in your paper.
  • Comprehensive reports. The copy and paste detector provides you with detailed reports after analyzing your text. It identifies plagiarism issues and other problems in your document including recommended solutions on how to fix any errors it has detected.
  • Accurate. Our same text finder identifies plagiarism and other problems with a high degree of accuracy. This in part due to the number of documents we compare to and in part due to the algorithms we use.
  • Secure. Any paper you check using our plagiarism tracker is completely safe. We will never post your document online or submit it to other databases where somebody could have access to it.

Using our originality tester couldn’t be easier. To begin you just copy and paste your text into the text checker field and click the button to begin analysis of your document. Your paper will then be examined for similarities against billions of web pages online and millions of documents in our database. In a short time you will receive a report that informs you whether or not your paper contains any plagiarism. The report also identifies any other mistakes in your text. Your document is given a score for overall originality. Any plagiarism issues are highlighted and reference information on the source causing the problem may be provided. Suggestions on how to resolve any issues are included in the report.

The many features and advantages our plagiarism checker tool offers are enough to encourage most people to give it a try. If you are still undecided there are a few more reasons you might be persuaded to use our tool on your next assignment. It is fast and generally completes a text analysis in one minute or less depending on document length. That task could take you hours to do on your own so you are definitely saving time. The originality checker also works on all types of text including essays, research papers, blog posts, articles, dissertations or any other type of writing you may want to examine for plagiarism. Of particular interest to many students and others on a tight budget is the fact that you can use our similarity checker to analyze your paper for free so there is nothing to lose by giving it a try at the next available opportunity. 

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