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Essay Plagiarism FAQ: Do You Need an Essay Similarity Checker? 

Plagiarism when writing essays is a problem that faces most students, which is a good argument for using an essay plagiarism checker to verify the originality of your paper. Here are some answers to questions many students have regarding plagiarism in essay writing.

Q: Why is plagiarizing in essays taken so seriously?

A: Writing an essay is intended as a form of instruction as well as a demonstration of what a student has learned. By plagiarizing an essay a student sacrifices that learning opportunity. Plagiarizing essays is also a form of cheating as well as theft and accusations of plagiarism are taken very seriously. Even a minor plagiarism infraction may result in you having to rewrite your paper or you may be given a failing grade for the assignment. More severe infractions can cause you to fail the class, be suspended from school or even get you expelled from school. Always ask, “Is my essay plagiarized free?” before you submit it.

Q: Is essay paraphrasing considered plagiarism?

A: Paraphrasing in an essay, if done correctly, is not considered plagiarism. Paraphrasing is not just a matter of replacing words with their synonyms or swapping a few sentences around. Proper paraphrasing requires you to completely rewrite the original text using different wording and phrasing without changing the meaning of the original text. This is acceptable and also demonstrates you understand the material. You must also cite the source of paraphrased text for it not to be considered plagiarism.

Q: Is making up a source for essay reference plagiarism?

A: If you fabricate a quote or some other type of material along with a citation it is considered a form of plagiarism. It is also plagiarizing if you take a real quote and attribute it to a made up source or change the name of the original source to increase your number of sources or because you forgot where you originally got the quote.

Q: Is it plagiarism if you reuse something from your other essays?

A: Reusing text from another essay you wrote is a type of plagiarism known as self-plagiarism. When assigned an essay you are expected to submit original work, and reused essay material is not original. Ask yourself, “How much of my essay is original?” before you turn it in. An exception to this is if you properly cite your original paper if using a portion of it in your essay, although this may require a professor’s approval.

Q: If I write something in my essay somebody else already wrote, but I didn’t know they wrote it, is that still plagiarism?

A: It depends on the sentence. Some sentences are common and have been written countless times before. If you wrote “The wind was blowing through the leaves,” and it appeared in another person’s essay it wouldn’t be considered plagiarism. However, if you wrote a more complex sentence such as “While blocked training is convenient for many learners, several previous studies have shown that interleaving can yield statistically significant advantages in learning and in improving memory over blocking” which came from a paper attributed to Jon Student at the University of California, it would likely raise a red flag if it was identical to the sentence in another paper and you would likely be charged with plagiarism.

If you are unsure how to check if an essay is plagiarized one option is to scan your paper with a plagiarism checker.

Introducing Our Essay Plagiarism Checker 

Admittedly, there are those who deliberately plagiarize their essays, but for many students, plagiarism creeps into their paper by accident. If you have ever asked, “How can I check my essay for plagiarism?” because you don’t want plagiarized content in your paper then our essay originality checker is the tool for you. It enables you to find and remove plagiarism online free so that you can submit a completely original essay. Some of the features of our online copy paste essay editor include:

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  • Vast collection of sources to compare your paper to. Our plagiarism tester will check the similarity of your essay against billions of online web pages and millions of papers stored in our database looking for duplicate content in your document. The larger the number of documents you can compare your essay to, the more effective the check for plagiarism.
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If you want to know “How original is my essay?” our online copy paste essay editor is the right tool for the job.

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For those not ready to perform an essay copy and paste check using our similarity text checker there are a few other reasons to give it a try. Our tool is fast and typically takes a minute or less to analyze your text for plagiarism. It is also highly accurate and not subject to human error. The clincher is you can scan your essay for duplicate content completely free, so give it a try on your next essay. 

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